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Catherine Janssens

Catherine Janssens graduated at the Newark School of Violin Making. In 2005 she opened her workshop in Brussels and continued her training by attending workshops and seminars.

With her bow maker colleagues, she was at the start of Atelier Flagey in 2009, a common workshop dedicated to sharing and promoting the work of contemporary violin and bow makers.

She is also a founder member of the new association Ekho created in 2014 in order to actively support contemporary making.

As a trained violinist, Catherine Janssens is mainly interested in how the sound is generated, whether on baroque or modern instruments.

She also dedicates a part of her research to the discovery of acoustic principles in quartet instruments. The « Plateforme pour l’Education et le Talent » (Fondation Roi Baudouin) gives her an award in 2015. She is a member of ALADFI (French Association of Violin and Bow Makers, and devotes herself to the improvement of the cooperation between Belgian violin makers.

She also works towards a better mutual understanding between luthiers and musicians.

EKHO Atelier Flagey

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